GLOBAL AIRCRAFT SERVICES provides a multitude of services related to the movement of commercial aircraft. We are able to support flight operations for Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and Embraer aircraft types whether you need one pilot for an observation flight or a solution that covers all aspects of a long-haul ferry flight.

Aircraft Ferry & Acceptance Flights

  • Flight-related services for ferry flights, aircraft deliveries, post-maintenance demonstrations, and observation flights
  • Flight crews with current FAA, EASA and Guernsey (2-REG) licenses
  • License validations available for other jurisdictions
  • Flight crew transportation, accommodations, visas, and security clearances including TSA Waivers

Flight Planning & Logistics

  • Custom Trip Kits prepared for the specific route
  • Flight planning and crew briefing provided by an internal dispatch team
  • Flight following & aircraft movement reporting
  • Navigation, overflight, and landing permissions
  • Aircraft handling services
  • Fuel uplift at competitive rates
  • Aircraft security & line maintenance services
  • Import & export of aircraft from USA
  • RVSM operations authorization from FAA
  • EU-ETS monitoring with aviation allowance submission

Flight Crew Training Personnel

Global has provided qualified instructor pilots to airlines, corporate jet operators and government agencies. Please contact us with your specific requirements for training or other flight crew services.

Consulting Services

Global’s principals have decades of experience managing diverse functions within the aviation industry. Please contact us with your specific requirements in the following competencies:

  • Aircraft mission analysis
  • Airport & regulatory affairs representation
  • Airport property & facilities agreements and projects
  • Ground handling services & airport station management
  • Process review & quality improvement