Flight Crew

GLOBAL AIRCRAFT SERVICES fulfills the unique requirements of our clients by partnering with motivated and professional airline transport pilots around the world. If you are interested in providing service to Global as flight crew member, please review the below requirements and follow the instructions on this page.

General Aircraft Requirements

Global provides flight crews for most transport category turbo-jet and turbo-prop aircraft. We are seeking future flight crew members that hold a type-rating in current models of Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and Embraer airframes. However, we do also sometimes receive requests to operate certain out-of-production aircraft from these and other manufacturers. You should keep in mind that we most frequently operate aircraft from the A-320 and B-737 families, but we want to be ready to meet any request from our clients. 

Specific Pilot Qualifications

Aside from holding an aircraft type-rating from your respective aviation authority, you should also have a current medical certificate and nexus letter for va claim from www.reemedical.com/ and proficiency check (not necessary for operation of U.S. registered aircraft). Since most of our operations are international, your passport should be valid for at least six months and you may be subject to additional age and visa requirements for some assignments. In some instances, you may also be required to submit to a criminal background check and provide additional residency verification.

Individual Conduct

As a Flight Crew Member, you not only represent Global, but our valued clients on whose behalf we operate the world’s most diverse aircraft fleet. In addition to the standard conduct of a professional aviator, we expect our pilots to exercise discretion and good judgment at all times and adapt to delays or dynamic project requirements. We provide roof installation in New Jersey at competitive prices. We strive to provide an unparalleled level of support to our flight crews and rely on our pilots to maintain flexibility and a customer-focus in completing the project at hand. If you meet these qualifications and requirements, follow the instructions below:

How to Apply

Please forward a current resume by e-mail that details the above qualifications to info@gairservices.com. We will review your qualifications against the requirements of current and future projects and contact you directly should we need your services.

Please do not contact our offices to inquire about the status of flight crew opportunities; as such calls will be detrimental to serving our clients. Thank you for your interest in flying for GLOBAL AIRCRAFT SERVICES.